Hearing noises in the attic, as well as being unsettling, may mean that your roof has become home to pests. Roof pests will go into your loft because it’s the ideal environment for them. If you hear any noises, you should investigate them quickly with a thorough loft inspection and get any pest problems treated quickly. 
Rats In The Roof
Rat removal must be sought out immediately if you have a rat problem inside your home. It’s extremely serious. DIY rat control may be used, but it’s rarely as effective as calling in a professional to help you. Pest proof your loft space to effectively prevent rats from infesting your home. Remember that current infestations must be treated first.
Mice In The Roof 
Mice also need to be treated quickly if you find signs of them so a full blown infestation doesn’t occur. Your initial line of defence should be to pest proof your loft space so they can’t get it. Then call out a professional who will help you to control mice.
Bird In The Roof 
Pigeon nest removal is very common when it comes to professional pest control. They create mess, health risks and a lot of annoying noises. Birds should be removed from your roof and then entry points blocked with a solid barrier. If possible, pest proof the exterior of your property using pigeon netting or bird spikes.
Wasps In The Roof 
Wasps create a lot of mess if they are in your roof, and it’s difficult to get rid of them if you don’t seek out professional help, as well as being very dangerous. An attic provides the perfect environment for wasps to build their nests.
Flies In The Roof 
Cluster flies are often found in people’s lofts. They can do a lot of damage up there, and also leave behind maggots which are all round unpleasant to experience. Certain species of fly infestations can be treating using DIY products but others will need professional treatment.
Squirrels In The Roof 
Squirrels cause significant damage by chewing wood and electrical wiring. They have to be removed humanely with traps, and to do this you will need professional help. It’s essential to proof your home against squirrels to stop them gaining access again. You can do this by cutting overhanging branches and foliage touching your roof.
Bats In The Roof 
Bats are protected and endangered so getting rid of them is very difficult. You can try and block them so they can’t gain access to where their roosting. But to treat them it’s important to get in touch with the Bat Conservation Trust before doing anything.