Kitchens are the most vulnerable place for a pest infestation. For pests kitchens are the source of lots of different foods and drinks. Plus they have the added bonus of shelter and warmth too. Think of your home kitchen and think of just how many hiding places a pest would love there. Not only do you never want to a pest in a restaurant kitchen, they can pose a serious health risk to staff and customers alike. Your brand and reputation will suffer too.

So here are the main types of pests that pest control companies have to deal with on a regular basis in restaurant kitchens.
Kitchens are a haven for rats and mice. Once they find their way into a commercial kitchen, they spread germs and bacteria wherever they go. This can result in sickness for staff and customers too.
Rodents get into the kitchen through any cracks or holes around the property. They also can get up through the drains and vents if they have the access. Check around your kitchen and seal off any points of entry a rodent could use to get in your kitchen.
Make sure you’re not inviting rodents into your kitchen by leaving food and drink around for them. Being clean and tidy is a powerful weapon in the fight against pests. Every day your work surfaces should be sanitised to make sure no bacteria is on there from any rodents.
Hearing the buzzing of flies in a restaurant will really put your customers off. Flies can cause very serious health problems because they carry so many diseases. For example, they can carry salmonella which is easily passed on to your customers and staff.
It can be quite difficult to carry out fly control. Because of their size, they can gain access very easily. Much like rodents, keeping clean and tidy will stop flies being so attracted into your commercial kitchen. Get in touch with a local pest controller if you’ve noticed an increase in flies around your property.