Seeing a cockroach is enough to terrify most people. However, just seeing a cockroach is only the beginning of the problem. Having a cockroach control problem can be a serious risk to your food.
Cockroaches are a really resilient pest, so they can be quite hard to get rid of them once they make their presence known. They love to hide in places around your home where they will be undisturbed and can have a great food source. A lot of people choose to ignore them when they see them, viewing them as harmless. Although cockroaches don’t cause any diseases, they can still spread germs and bacteria.
This is why you need proper pest control for cockroaches. They will attack the food in your home and eat almost anything they can get their hands on.
Once a cockroach comes into contact with your food, they will spread their bacteria onto it and contaminate it. When they start to eat your food, they will also leave their waste behind on it too. Depending on where they’ve been scurrying around, cockroaches also carry bacteria on their bodies.
Then we go to eat the food the cockroaches have just contaminated. When we eat it, we can be infected with the bacteria cockroaches are riddled with and suffer from illnesses such as food poisoning.
Preventing Cockroaches 
Your home is an ideal breeding ground for a cockroach infestation. It offers them food, warmth, water and great shelter for them to nest. Remember, when it comes to pest control, cockroach prevention is always better than the solution.
Here are 5 ways you can prevent cockroaches infesting your home: 
• Take away their food. Denying a cockroach of food, water and shelter will get rid of them pretty sharpish.
• Don’t leave liquids and food out for cockroaches to gain access to.
• Empty your rubbish every day so cockroaches can’t get at any leftover food.
• Keep up a regular cleaning routine, including under appliances and furniture.
• De-clutter your home as much as possible to restrict the possible places a cockroach could hide.
Remember even if you see one cockroach in your home you must take it seriously. Call in a professional pest controller to handle any cockroach infestations in your home effectively.