For many people, it’s like a nightmare come true. Will roaches bite? The answer is, yes they can! And if that doesn’t encourage you to invest in roach pest control, we don’t know what will.
Cockroaches have been around for thousands of years and can be found all over the world. Knowing whether  cockroaches bite and whether cockroaches carry diseases really is vital so you are well clued up on the dangers of cockroaches.
Read on to see if cockroaches bite.
Will Roaches Bite
Cockroaches have been reported to bite fingernails, eyelashes and calloused skin on the hands and feet. This shows that roaches will bite, and that they prefer to eat the dead skin cells. However, cases of roaches actually biting people are very rare.
Depending on the type of cockroach, not all the species can bite. Even still, it’s not a very common occurrence. Knowing that it’s a roach bite can be quite difficult because the bites are similar to other insects.
For people who are sensitive to allergens and have breathing difficulties such as asthma, cockroaches can cause severe reactions. Any reactions that happen on the skin are often confused with a cockroach bite, when really it’s an allergic rash. Most people who are allergic to the dust left behind by cockroaches find that it affects their skin the most.
If It’s Not A Roach Bite, What Is It?
There are a number of insects that can get into your home that are much more likely to bite you than a cockroach is. These pests include bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mites and late season mosquitoes. Of course all of the bites look different, but it’s more than likely that your bites are from another unknown insect rather than a cockroach.
Cockroach bites aren’t an indicator of an infestation because they are so rare. The common signs of a cockroach infestation are actually visibly seeing the cockroaches, and noticing food damage around your home. Cockroaches can spread illnesses if they contaminate your food. It’s also super dangerous to have them in your home for people with young children or if anyone suffers with asthma. The dust exacerbates the symptoms of breathing difficulties and makes them a lot worse.
If you are seeing the signs of cockroaches or suspect your may have been bitten by a roach, it’s time to call in Catch-it Pest Control to help you figure out the next steps.