Once in a while we get that itch to do a bit of home renovation, and part of your home renovation may include adding an extension. Extensions are great for adding that extra space to a house, but the building site for it may invite in some very unwelcome visitors. 
Home pest control still applies even when you’re having building work done. Here are a few simple tips from our expert pest technicians here at Catch-it Pest Control to keep pests out when building an extension.
Keep rubbish to a minimum – We know contractors will want to eat, and there may be easy access to pests into your home. So now is the time to keep all rubbish to the absolute minimum. Clean up any food or drink spillages and throw all rubbish into bins with a tightly sealed lid. There’s always a lot of waste on building sites so put a lot of bins around for the workers, to minimise the risks of a pest infestation.
Inspect your new extension frequently – This is particularly important when the foundations are being laid. You need to inspect the extension whenever you can to make sure no pests are using it for shelter to nest in. Keeping an eye on the construction of your extension is a quick task that could save you money and hassle further down the line.
Keep on top of landscaping – Anything like trees and bushes that come into contact with your new extension will act as a bridge for pests to access your property. Doing proper landscaping and keeping foliage away from your extension is imperative for avoiding pests. Make sure you or a hired worker are cutting and trimming back the foliage frequently, and garden clutter is eliminated.
Check for cracks in your new structure – Fixing these quickly prevents pests from entering the property. You can check for these as part of your regular inspections and keep pest problems to a minimum. Just be extra careful and eagle eyed to seal off pest entry points.
Resist natural products – Many people like to use wood mulch as a cheaper alternative to gravel or rock around their extensions. Wood mulch harbours all sorts of pests and is the perfect breeding ground for insects. It’s a great natural alternative, but it’s best to be avoided when you are building an extension so you’re not inviting pests in.
If you are having a problem with pests when building a new home extension you should call in professional help. We can offer you great pest prevention advice and pest treatments to keep your extension pest free.