Local councils and authorities have always recommended that businesses have a pest control contract in place. It’s widely recognised that wherever you are in the UK, you are never far away from a pest. These pests find ways to enter your business and can cause a lot of damage. 
Pest control contracts aren’t only limited to businesses that handle food. Any business can benefit from a pest control contract. If your building is close to a refuse site, waste ground or local water course, it can make it particularly susceptible to pests. All businesses can benefit from preventative measures that are put in place when you invest in a pest control contract.
A good pest controller such as ourselves will offer a pest control contract that means you will be safe from rodent, bed bugs and other insect infestations. We also explain to you the choice of products and materials we use, and what impact they could have on the environment.
Not only do pest infestations pose a risk to your stock and food, they also will deal a lot of damage to your reputation and brand too. It’s so important to find an immediate solution if you’ve got a pest problem.
Everyone in your business will benefit from being in a pest free environment. You may have staff members and customers who suffer from allergies or asthma – symptoms that are worsened when pests are in the vicinity. By having a pest control contract in your business, you are protect everybody’s health and safety. You will also be protecting your brand reputation.
Experiencing a large pest infestation in your business will end up costing a pretty penny to put right. However, having a long term pest control contract with us means you will reduce your business costs over time. At Catch-it we deal with the root of the problem, and reduce the possibility of the infestation to reoccur in the future. A lot of our pest prevention methods also have the added benefit of saving you money when it comes to energy consumption.
Your business will have its own set of pest concerns. Integrating a pest control contract into your business ensures that you have a customised solution at hand. So any pest problems that happen in your business can be taken care of immediately. When you have a business, you should always have a zero tolerance for pests.