Did you know that having a pest-free home is a easy as having a vacuum cleaner?  Okay, so maybe not entirely true, but it definitely aids in the process, if you are trying to keep you home free from those annoying insects and other bothersome pests. If you hate vacuuming but are looking for some great ways to use it as a weapon against pest infestations, here is all of the motivation you need to get it out of the cupboard and actually use it to help you stay in control of your world.
Fleas, carpet moths (clothes moths), dustmites, bedbugs and carpet beetles are all possible residents in your carpet. Between them they feed on dead skin cells, wool and fabric and dropped food morsels. They use the cosy carpet to lay their eggs and it’s a nursery where their young hatch. A typical scenario is an area that doesn’t get hovered very often can provide the perfect home. If you’re still in doubt here are 4 ways vacuuming help. Remember to make sure you are thorough, getting into corners and along edges, as well as everywhere else.
1.You’ll get rid of their homes
Pests makes homes in your carpet and rugs, so make sure that you vacuum them thoroughly and regularly so that they no longer have a safe space to live. If they don’t have a nice spot to live in, they have no need to stay in your home in the first place. A couple times a week should help you take care that. Carpet moths lay their eggs and the young and eat the fibres of the carpet. Vacuum them up….and you’re solving the problem.
2.You’ll get rid of their food source
Vacuuming up food spills and fallen skin cells (yes, a bit grim, I know) means that you will be taking away the food source that many tiny pests live for. You will be making sure that your home stays healthy and that you are taking away any potential meal for these pests before they can even get to them. House dustmites eat dead skin cells, so preventing this from accumulating is a great help.
3.You’ll be able to make sure that they can’t find a new home
If you stay on top of the vacuuming, you will make sure that these evicted pests cannot build new homes for themselves while you aren’t looking. This is why regular vacuuming is essential to keeping pests away. Fleas overwinter in the soft warm pile, so getting rid of them can stop them causing havoc once the winter is over.
4.You can simply throw them away
When you’re finished vacuuming, all you have to do to keep these pests out is chuck them out the door into the garbage can outside . It’s always a good idea to double bag them in case there were any survivors of your vacuuming massacre, too. The pests are now outside of your home and you are free to enjoy a nice, clean, pest-free home.
You have to face facts that your home will never be entirely 100% pest free, but regular cleaning with a vacuum is going to help you keep the population way down so that you can know that you’re doing all you can do to keep your home free from pests.