Pests are pests. For some of you, you may see both wasps and bees as pests. Others disagree, finding that wasps are pests, but bees are not. No matter how you want to look at it in terms of the definition of “pest”, there are many differences between wasps and bees to learn about. 
Wasps are aggressive
While there are some exceptions to the rule, wasps tend to be more aggressive than bees. For this reason, getting rid of wasps is something that most homeowners will look into upon finding a nest on their properties.
Wasps are predators
Wasps can feed off of other insects and sometimes other wasps. They hunt their prey down and eat it. If your property has a lot of insects on it, you are more likely to have wasp problems as well.
Bees stick to eating plants
Generally, bees don’t eat prey. They are more likely to buzz around your flowers and occasionally enjoy a taste of sugary drinks or sweets as they don’t eat other insects like wasps do.
Bees produce beeswax and honey
Bees are known for the important job of producing honey. This is the reason you see them hovering from flower to flower. They feed off the nectar, and bring pollen back to the nest to make the tasty treat we like on our toast.
Bees are social
Bees tend to always live in colonies and work as part of a team. Wasps, on the other hand, can either be social or solitary. Both can be aggressive or passive depending on the species.
Bees are hairy
Bees tend to be furry, which is the main difference between them and wasps. Wasps are smooth and slick from tail to leg.
Bees are round
Wasps are shaped more like cylinders, where as bees are round and fluffy. They tend to be “cuter” than wasps in general due to their fur and hair.

Bees sting only if needed
Bees will only sting if they are being threatened personally or their hive is. A wasp can sting sometimes for no reason, and the rest of its colony may attack, too. For this reason, wasp removal services may be something you should look into. 
Bees have a job to do
Bees have the important role of pollinating and allowing many types of flowers and plant life to survive. Wasps do very little to help the ecosystem in comparison.
There are quite a few differences between bees and wasps as you can see. Though you may not have realised just the extent to which bees are an entirely different beast, it’s hard to argue against the fact that wasps tend to be the more disliked of the two insects.