Having a wasp pest control problem in the summer is very common. Many people find they have nests in their sheds, roofing and other areas around the home and garden. Which begs the question, what are the wasps eating and where are they getting it from? Because surely they have a great food supply close by to build a nest in a specific spot.
A wasp’s diet can vary between the different species. But in most instances, a wasp will eat another insect as a good meal. Wasps are classed as a parasitic insect, which means they lay their eggs inside other insects.
Most wasps are omnivores. This means they eat plants and insects. Wasps are actually beneficial to our ecosystem because they keep other insect populations under control. But we fear wasps because of their powerful sting. This is why many homeowners are concerned about wasp control when they see wasps nest around the area. Knowing what wasps eat is a great step towards preventing a wasp problem in the first place.
What Do Wasps Prefer As Part Of Their Diet?
In general, wasps eat:
• Fruit
• Nectar
• Honey
• Plants
• Small insects
Some species will only consume fruit juices and nectar, while others prefer to eat our food, which is why we see them buzzing around bins so often. A particular species of wasp called a paper wasp will chew wood to pulp to help them create their nests.
Yellow jackets are very common in the UK, and these are the ones who are most likely to feed on human food, on other insects and spiders.
Preventing Wasps
If you’re eating and drinking outside, there are a few tips to follow to prevent wasps. When you don’t prevent them, you will probably find that your unattended food and drink will soon have a swarm around it. Make sure that if you are leaving things outside, either cover them or store it in airtight containers. Other tips for wasp prevention include:
• Look out for any signs of a wasps’ nests on your property
• Shut windows and doors if you do have an infestation to stop them from entering your home
• Ensure your bins have a tight fitting lid
• Schedule an appointment with a pest controller if you think you may have a wasps’ nest on your property
Here at Catch-it Pest Control, we have comprehensive wasp control plans to keep wasps away from your home and your family. We provide 24/7 emergency wasp nest removal services to the boroughs of London, so you don’t have to worry about a wasp control problem.