If you want to protect your home from pests this spring and summer, take advantage of the lovely spring weather we’ve been having and get cracking on your spring cleaning. Making your home less attractive to pests means you can avoid pest control problems later in the year.
To start the process of spring cleaning for pests, deep clean your kitchen. This involves scrubbing down the floors, counters and inside the kitchen cupboards. Pests love these places, and giving them a good clean will help you avoid ant or cockroach pest control problems.
There are a whole host of common food pests found in UK kitchens, so checking your kitchen shelves and inside your pantry means you can avoid them. Be sure to store all of your food in airtight containers so that pests can’t access them. This lessens the chance of your food being contaminated by pests. Pet food should also be stored in this way, and picked up as soon as they have finished eating.
The next thing to do is to get the vacuum out. Thoroughly hoover all of your carpets and fabric furniture to remove any insects or pests that could be lurking there. Having a great vacuuming routine can really help you avoid pest infestations all year round, not just in the spring.
Let’s not forget the bins! Now is the time to wash out all of your bins, removing any crumbs or residue that collects on the sides and at the bottom. Dusting is also a great part of spring cleaning that keeps pests away. Sweep around all the corners of the ceilings, not forgetting those dark remote areas where pests just love to nest. This will discourage any pests in the area from setting up camp in your home.
During your spring clean, you may want to carry out an inspection too. Check all of your pipes and plumbing for leaks and moisture. Standing water that collects in this area is a big attraction for pests, so make sure to fix the leaks and dry up any water in those areas. Seal up any cracks and crevices you may notice around your home too, because these are perfect entry points for pests.
If at any point during your spring cleaning you find any type of pests, their remnants or if you find any nests, you should get in touch with Catch-it Pest Control today. We can assist you in getting rid of any infestations and also help you to prevent new pests from getting into your home in the future.