It’s officially summer. The children have broken up for their holidays, the weather is hot and the outdoor activities are going to become a daily thing. Whether it’s a pool party or a barbecue, pests and insects can ruin what should be a fun outdoor gathering. Here at Catch-it, we’ve compiled our list of top tips for your outdoor party so you won’t have to spend the time swatting away bugs. 
• Keep food and drinks sealed – All food trays and dishes should be stored properly, have tightly sealed lids or should be wrapped in plastic or aluminium foil. This prevents food-borne illnesses that insects such as flies can spread. Also, consider having screw-top drinks, and keep bottles sealed against insects. It’s recommended to keep food indoors for serving, and then everyone can still eat outside. There are also net covers that look attractive and keep bugs off the food.
• Remove standing water – Standing water should be drained and eliminated in your outdoor area to stop mosquitoes and other insects coming to bite. Many insects will be attracted to standing water, so removing this around your home keeps the pest population away.
• Keep emptying the bin – Of course you want to enjoy your day, but you should keep an eye on the amount of rubbish and take the bin out often. Letting it pile up will attract insects to the party. Make sure your bin also has a tight fitting lid so that no pests can get in.
• Light a candle – Many citronella candles are perfect for keeping insects such as wasps away from your garden. Not only do they add ambience, but you won’t have to be swatting at flies and wasps for the entire day.
• Mow the lawn – Keeping the grass mowed goes a long way for keeping insects away and also for rat and mouse control. All of these pests are attracted to tall grass and weeds.
• Plant pest repelling plants – Herbs such as lavender, peppermint and basil are a great natural way of keeping pests away. From spiders to ants, certain plants are perfect for repelling pests.
• Consider doing your event during the day – Many pests are the most active at dawn and dusk. So planning your outdoor party in the afternoon may help to prevent insect bites and stings. If you are having an event on an evening, remember the candles and the bug spray.
For any pest control infestations before you big event, make sure you give Catch-it a call.