It’s so important if you are a tenant or a landlord to know who has the pest control responsibility in your residence. If you do run into pest control problems on your property, there’s pest control available 24 hours a day from Catch-it across London
Landlord pest control responsibility in the UK can be complicated. Residential pest control in a rented property may be the responsibility of the tenant if they can be found to be at fault for the infestation. So if you have found a pest infestation, first you need to take a look at your tenancy agreement. It may be able to give you the information you need to take the next steps.
A severe pest control problem is actually classed as a health hazard. And as a tenant, this is something a landlord should be dealing with. Pest control problems can be difficult to place blame because of all the different reasons why the pests may have infested. These reasons can vary from disrepair to poor living conditions. Finding the root cause of how the pests entered the property will help you to find out who is responsible for the cost of the pest control treatment.
Landlords are required by UK laws to make sure a property is always maintained properly. It’s their legal duty to tenants because tenants are paying them rent.
If a pest control problem has been caused by disrepair, it’s the landlords job to repair the problem and also take care of the pest infestation too. Broken plumbing and cracks in the walls are all ways a pest problem can soon become serious in a home.
Tenants could also be causing pest control problems. This could be down to their lifestyle, such as not keeping the house clean and having food lying around.
If you determine that the pest control problem is the tenants fault, they must call in pest control services to handle the problem. If the pest control issue comes down to the landlord, it needs to be treated as any other health hazard would be on the property. As soon as a landlord is informed of the situation, they must immediately take steps to correct it.