We all love wildlife. But we don’t want wildlife in our homes. If you suspect there is wildlife in your home, don’t deal with it yourself. You may have read things on the internet that has you thinking you can tackle the problem alone. You can’t. Wildlife in your home is very dangerous. Not only that, but it’s also dirty. It can cause much bigger issues than what you started with. 
Animals that would love to live in your home 
As it gets colder outside, animals will try to seek shelter inside your home. Homes also offer some great things to eat too! Animals are just like us in some ways. They just want food, shelter and water. If you provide these sources to animals and rodents, they will never want to leave. Here’s the most common animals that would love to burrow, nest and invade your personal space. 
• Squirrels 
• Bats 
• Birds 
• Mice 
• Rats 
Dangers of Squirrels and Bats in Your Home 
Animals in your home pose a really big health risk, and will damage your property. Not only will they destroy your home and possessions, but it will be very costly to fix. 
Here’s the dangers of animals in your home: 
• Bats carry rabies, which is easily transmitted to us. 
• Animals will leave droppings, urine and fur grease around your home. 
• Animals carry ticks, fleas, diseases and parasites. 
• Furniture and materials around your home will be scratched. 
• Droppings will discolour your soft furnishings and clothing. 
• Waste can cause bacteria and mould to grow around your home. 
• Family members with compromised immune systems cause suffer from serious health issues. 

5 Ways to Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home 
1. Don’t feed wildlife – You could be causing your own pest problems by feeding them. Feeding attracts them to your home. 
2. Keep it trimmed – Make sure trees and bushes are trimmed regularly. 
3. Seal entrances – Inspect your home for any gaps, and seal them off. 
4. Cover the chimney – Install a chimney cap. 
5. Call a professional – Call a professional pest controller. Catch It will come to your home and assess your situation. We will then provide you with an effective solution to address your pest problem.