One of the things we’re getting called out to a lot at the moment is for rodent control (London). This means the pest control for squirrels is also becoming a more sought after rodent pest control treatment. Squirrel control is important to stop our homes from being disrupted with their nutty antics. 
The Problems Squirrels Cause 
Squirrels are very cute looking, but having them on your property can actually cause health problems for you and your family. They can also do a lot of damage to your home.
Because squirrels are so great at climbing, they often end up in our lofts. They can fit through the tiniest holes by completely flattening their bodies. And any openings that they can’t quite squeeze through will be chewed and scratched at until they can fit.
If you have loose tiles and a damaged roof means you are giving a squirrel the perfect opportunity to get into your home. All the things you store in your loft, including the insulation you may have, is the perfect materials for a nice cosy nest. Squirrels also have a taste for electrical wiring and its insulation. This damage is a very serious fire risk if it sparks.
Getting London Squirrel Control 
Not only can squirrels cause physical damage to your home, they are riddled with fleas and ticks. This means that they are bringing their pests into your home with them. The last thing you want is a squirrel problem accompanied by a flea infestation too. Plus having the constant scratching noises can be quite unsettling. Squirrels are used to being around us, and won’t feel very threatened unless it’s a mother with her young. If this situation does occur, the mother will become aggressive and may try to bite.
If you think there may be a squirrel running around your home it’s important to get the help of a professional pest controller. The pest control for squirrels can be done completely humanely, but trying to do it yourself will be putting yourself and your family in harms way. We will also look at all the different routes a squirrel may have entered your home so you can seal these entrances off, preventing future infestations.
Once you have had successful squirrel pest control in your home, it’s time to get the cleaning products out. You have to thoroughly clean everything they have come into contact with. Squirrels can be deterred and prevented by not providing them with food sources either, such as bird tables or seeds.