Pests are never something landlords feel happy about. Let’s face it. Any self respecting landlord would feel horrified to have pests such as bed bugs, moths, rats etc. infest their house.There are some pests that are easier to eliminate, while some of them are almost impossible to get rid of. The best you can do in these stubborn cases is to call in a professional pest control company and let them do their job, before their presence affects your tenants ’wellbeing, or your source of income.

Some of the pests that take one hell of an effort to stop in their tracks, are:

1.  Bed bugs: Bed bugs are possibly the worst pests out there, and are a landlord’s worst nightmare. This is partly because are they notoriously difficult to get rid of, and partly because having them in your property confers a lack of hygiene. Just the very idea of having them crawling in their rental property is enough to drive any landlord crazy.Bug bites leave red and itchy welts on the skin, leading to sleepless nights…definitely not a benefit your letting agent will want to advertise about your house or flat. One of the major problems with bed bugs is that due to their small size, they are difficult to identify. Landlords should enlist the help of professional pest control services at the first sign of these insects, and exterminate them once and for all.

2.  Fleas: Fleas can really make people’s lives uncomfortable, especially in summer. As well as your human tenants, they create problems for their pets, causing incessant itching and scratching. Fleas,being difficult insects to catch due to their small size, are one of the most irritating pests to have in a property. They can lay eggs almost anywhere – in carpets, mattresses and soft furnishings, for example. Having fleas in your property does not give a good impression, so flea control in the home of your tenants needs to be a very important priority.

3.  Cockroaches: These are the most creepy and even scary pests for many tenants. Most people cannot stand the sight of cockroaches and simply scream. A full blown cockroach infestation could be on the cards if you see one or a two cockroaches in your property, as they breed very quickly, and they are filthy creatures your tenants are not going to be happy living with. That is why getting rid of cockroaches as soon as possible is so important.

4.  Mice: The sharp teeth of these rodents is what makes them the most harmful pests on this list. They can destroy furniture, books, clothes and even walls quite easily. They are also renowned for chewing wires, making them a potential fire hazard, and making your property unsafe for your tenants. Mouse control is not a very easy process, as they are very smart animals. An effective  but slow way of catching mice is by using rattraps by placing some baits which can lure mice inside the traps; but in the property game, time is money, so your best bet is to expedite the process by using a professional company who can get the job done quickly and thoroughly,