Having a bird infestation control problem is a difficult one to deal with because of the strict UK laws in place to protect wildlife. But bird control is something you may want to consider if the pest birds have been driving out local species. Birds such as pigeons drive away local species because of their greed, and then we have to do some bird pest control to deal with the pesky birds.
Here we are going to look at some of the problems pest birds cause, and why controlling birds and bird infestation prevention is important in the UK.
• Threatening other local bird species – Pest bird control is important to keep the other local bird species in your area thriving. Pest birds can be bullies, and will eat whatever they can get their beaks on leaving little else for any other local birds. This then drives the other local birds away to find somewhere new to live with a better food source and no bullies.
• Droppings – Some birds have corrosive acid in their droppings. These droppings eat away at the outside of buildings and other structures, causing quite a lot of damage. They also carry diseases in the droppings, which is another reason why bird control is so important. Droppings can also cause a problem on the walkways. They are slippery, and can cause someone quite an injury if left uncleaned.
• Property damage – As well as the exterior of your property being damaged, pest birds can also damage other parts of the building. Electrical boxes and air conditioning units are under threat of birds because they like to nest in them. This can cause power outages, and the damage of costly machinery.
• Noise – Pest birds make a lot of noise, and are a constant nuisance with their cooing and clucking. When birds get into the voids of the walls, they will scrape and thump around, and also cause quite a row!
Bird pest control in the UK is so important as more and more feral birds contaminate and infest our homes and businesses. For humane bird control speak to Catch-it Pest Control today to protect your property and let those birds know where they belong.