We all know the stories of the days when rats swarmed the streets of London carrying the plague. And we didn’t have a Pied Piper to lead them out of the city with his flute. The fact is, rats still live in London. And there are quite a lot of them. 
The brown rat is the most common rat that can be found in and around London. Nests can be found all around the country’s capital, in sewers, drains, buildings and burrows. Rats are amongst some of the most agile pests, and can move fast, climb, dig and swim. They are constantly on the lookout for food, with a very keen sense of smell. When dinner is lurking around the corner, they will stop at nothing to get to their meal. 
Unfortunately, rats still cause a big problem in London. With such a huge population living in a small area, people have no choice but to put their rubbish outside on the ground ready for collection. This is probably why the streets of London are so alluring to rats. 
If you’re ever unfortunate enough for one of these rats to enter your home, they can cause a considerable amount of damage in a very short amount of time. Rats love to chew through everything they come across, because it keeps their teeth at a reasonable length. Electrical wires are a particular food favourite of the rat, and having damaged wires in your London home can cause an extreme risk of fire. 
It doesn’t matter what part of London you live in. We are all at risk of a rat problem. Rats can get through the tiniest of gaps in your walls, and make holes as a means of entry to gain access to your home. Moving out of sight is a rat’s special skill, so you may not even see them scurrying around your home until it’s too late. 
You can never truly secure your home completely from rats, but there are steps you can take to try to prevent them. Take extra care to maintain the cleanliness of your home, and make sure all repairs are done quickly. 
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