Foxes are beautiful, but controversial animals. Some of us see them as a menacing pest that we want nowhere near our homes. Others of us see them as part of the rural and urban landscape, which wouldn’t be the same without them. 
Regardless of which way you feel about foxes, they can do a lot of damage. Foxes make a lot of noise in the night, foul on our lawns, dig up our plants and rummage through our bins. Some foxes even opt to live under the garden shed. Especially with winter pests on the rise, now is the time to be extra vigilant about fox infestations.
There are a few different tricks you can use to repel foxes in your garden.
• Using chemicals – There are several chemical fox repellent products available over the counter that help to deter foxes. These work by confusing the foxes sense of smell and taste. However, be warned that these are also affective against your pets and other wildlife, so should be avoided if you are a pet owner. Remember chemicals can be toxic to people too.
• Fox ornaments – Getting a highly detailed, life size fox ornament will work to repel foxes. You may also want to use other ornaments such as cats or dogs, because a fox is less likely to visit these gardens.
• Remove available food sources – Do not leave any pet food outside, and bird seed should be put into containers and cleaned up regularly. As well as this, use fertilisers that don’t contain any animal products so the foxes don’t go digging up your flowers in search of food.
• Block all entrances – Making sure you fix all of your fencing so there aren’t any holes that a fox could easily slink through. You can block all of the holes around your garden to stop any foxes gaining access.
London foxes are on the rise again in the colder months. That’s why Catch-it are here to help you with any fox control problems you may encounter in the UK. For more information on fox prevention, or other pest control treatments, get in touch with our team today.