Cockroaches are pests that make people all over the world squirm and run away with a shriek when they discover them in their kitchen cupboard. Maybe you’ve tried everything you can think of to get rid of roaches, and its not working. Or maybe you’re simply looking for more information on these horrid pests. Knowing where cockroaches come from can help you battle an infestation in your home.
From the neighbours
Yes, they can come from your neighbour. If your neighbours bring in an exterminator to take care of their roach problem, the roaches will immediately turn to the closest option for alternative living quarters – your home. So, if you see an exterminator truck in your neighbour’s driveway, it’s best to check your perimeter or look into some sort of preventative measures yourself, because they’ll start heading towards your home before you know it.
Hitching a ride
Cockroaches love meeting new people (and finding new homes), so it’s not unheard of for them to hitch a ride in your luggage etc when you travel to a hotel. They want to come back home with you and find somewhere new to live. Whether it is the insects themselves that make their way into your home, or the fact that they have deposited their eggs which then come home with you, it’s not uncommon to find that cockroaches have expanded their territory this way.
Finding that one tiny crack
Devilishly smart, cockroaches will search your home’s perimeter and find their way in, even if you’ve sealed up al those cracks. They are smart enough that they’ll find the other cracks – the tiny ones – and wiggle through until they get inside. The sad fact is, there is no way to keep them out without professional help. This is why proper maintenance and a reliable pest company are a good idea to help deter cockroaches from coming to your home.
Cockroaches are smart, inventive, and tricky creatures. No matter how clean or well maintained your home is, there is still a good chance that cockroaches will find their way in and make a home for themselves, much to your distaste. Do everything you can to stay “in the know” about cockroaches, and this will help you in the long run. When it doubt, a professional pest control company can help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge and give you some great advice and tools to battle them.