Knowing the London area very well here at Catch-it, we know all the pests that love to lurk in our country’s capital. The amount of places fleas can hide in London and the amount of ways they can spread from place to place means that the flea population is thriving.
So what do you do when you’re confronted with these itchy pests? Fumigation for fleas may be the answer if you’re suffering from a severe flea infestation. Having your property fumigated is a bit like pressing a reset property button. Any pests inside your property will be eradicated with fumigation. But having fumigation isn’t always the right choice. It can be very time consuming and very costly.
We’re here to help you decide when it’s necessary to fumigate for fleas. 
• If the fleas have really embedded themselves in your carpets and soft furnishings, fumigation may be necessary to begin to get rid of them. Fumigation can permeate most materials, so fleas will have nowhere to hide.
• When you have fleas get into your furniture or bedding, the fumigation process may be the only way you can get rid of them without doing damage to your property.
• Fumigation can be used in a way that’s safe for any belongings you have that may be sensitive to certain chemicals. This is perfect if you have antiques or sensitive materials in your home.
• If you have fleas infesting certain items around your home (pet bedding is a big favourite for fleas) you can send those items off to be fumigated and then returned to you flea free. Each individual item in your home can be treated for fleas when using fumigation.
• When you need a flea treatment that’s effective and won’t damage any of your property, fumigation is the right way to go.
• If you need a one-time treatment of fleas, fumigation is a great choice. It’s a one time quick fix for fleas infesting your home, but doesn’t offer you protecting against a re-infestation.
We can advise you on whether you have bed bugs or fleas. The team here at Catch-it can help you when it comes to flea fumigation. If your London home needs targeted flea control treatments, get in touch with us today to find out about our fumigation services for fleas.