How often do you go in your loft? Probably not that often. It’s dark, dusty and largely forgotten place for most of the time. Usually we pop our heads up there twice a year to get the Christmas decorations down and then put them back up again. 


Even if you don’t much like going in your loft, there’s some pests that would love to. The darker, warmer and more neglected a loft is, the more desirable it will be to a wasp. They will build their nest in your loft if they gain access to it, and it’s potentially dangerous for your family.
One wasps’ nest can house thousands of wasps. If they’re nesting in your loft, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. You’re most likely to have problems with wasps from May to November. Many people are allergic to wasp stings as well, so if they’re in your loft and you have an allergy you are really putting yourself at risk.
If you do find a wasp nest in the loft, don’t get close to it. Wasps are very protective over their homes, and they will instinctively attack anyone who wants to get too close to their nest. Remember that they can sting you more than once. You will probably see a few wasps flying around the outside of the nest, which are the guards. There’s a lot more inside. Wasps can be dangerous and aggressive if threatened. Once one stings you they will go and find reinforcements to protect the nest, and then you won’t want to be anywhere near them.
So if you do notice that there’s a wasps’ nest in your loft, you need to do something about it immediately. This a job for the experts. You should never try DIY methods on a wasp nest. It’s incredibly dangerous and could end up costing you more money in the long run. Don’t provoke or disturb the wasps in any way, and give us a call to get rid of your London wasp problem.
We have a team of trained pest control technicians who are experienced in removing and destroying wasp nests in confined areas like lofts. Remember, you must always call a pest control professional when you have a wasp infestation.