Rat bites are a serious threat to anyone who is exposed to them. The diseases transmitted by rat bite can be lethal, and that is why rat control is needed. The dangers of rats starts with their bite, and here we’re going to look at this more in depth, as well as rat bite symptoms. 
When rats bite people, they can transmit up to 70 different diseases. Rats bite pretty quickly, and most of the time the person is unable to avoid it. Being aware and clued up on what pest has bitten you will help you to seek the right treatment for the bite.
If you do get bitten by a rodent, it’s important to seek medical help right away. This is especially important if you’ve been bitten by a wild rat.
Symptoms of Rat Bites
• Redness – Because of the damaged skin, the area will go red. Make sure to fully disinfect the wound, then seek medical attention as quickly as possible.
• Rash
• Fever – If the streptobacillus bacteria is transmitted to your after the bite, you can suffer from fever and vomiting from the infection. This usually happens after the bite has healed, as many as 10 days after the bite.
• Joint pains
• Limb swelling
Treatment for Rat Bites 
Anyone who has been bitten by a rodent needs to seek out medical treatment straight away. The consequences of ignoring the wound can be fatal in the long term. Following these steps immediately after a rat bite will make sure you are safe before seeking medical attention.
1. Remove anything that comes into contact with the wound e.g. jewellery, clothes, dirt.
2. Bleeding should be stopped using an absorbent, sanitised gauze.
3. Carefully examine the wound after the bleeding has stopped and clean the wound with soap and warm water. Ensure the entire area is clean.
4. Apply a disinfectant. If this isn’t to hand you can use any type of liquid that contains pure alcohol.
5. Apply the antibiotic cream before covering the wound with a bandage. Make sure that your hands are clean before you apply any creams or bandages.
6. Pain from the rat bite can be eased with painkillers .
7. See advice from a medical professional.
Don’t ever take the risk of being bitten by a rat. If you have a heavy rat infestation, you need to call Catch-it immediately to keep you and your family safe by getting rid of the rat problem.