Have you been hearing scratching and scurrying in the night? Perhaps a munching or clawing sound has been waking you up, or you’ve found some droppings? You could have rats nesting in your loft.
Prevent Rats From Nesting In Your Loft 
When you are suffering from an infestation of rats in your loft, you want to find out how the rats got in there in the first place. To stay a step ahead of rats entering your property, here’s some tips you can use to prevent a rat infestation.
• Keep your garden tidy. The neater it, the less inviting it is for a rat.
• Your plants should be pruned and trimmed back, and all debris should be removed from your garden.
• Keep your rubbish stored away from your home, make sure it has a tight fitting lid, and that it is emptied on a weekly basis.
• Repair and seal all holes around your home, especially in the roof.
Get Rid Of Rats In The Loft 
With a professional pest control company you can take care of any rats nesting in your loft. Expert rat control from Catch-it can help you:
• Help you prevent rodent infestations. We can help you seal up cracks and give you guidance on preventing rodents from nesting anywhere on your property.
• Handle the rat infestation you already have. We can help you to set baits, traps and use any other treatments necessary to get you rodent free as quickly as possible.
• Follow up on the rat infestation to make sure it doesn’t reoccur, making sure the solution is permanent and not a temporary solution.
Depending on the level of the infestation you have in your loft and your situation, we can provide unique rat control solutions for you and your family. We know all the skills it takes to get rid of rats in the London area.