We’re heading to another sizzling summer this year. And with the warmer weather comes some not so lovely pests. Because spring has been so unseasonably warm so far this year, the pests have come out to play a bit earlier than usual, and they’ve come to visit in greater numbers too. 
Pests become a lot more active as the weather warms up, and it means that they are looking for food, water and shelter. All of this can be found in your London home. 
So what pests are you most likely to experience now that the temperature is rising? 
The pesky little insects love to come into our gardens and ruin all of our picnics and BBQ’s by scuttling all over our food. Once they’ve found a great food source, all the other ants will come running over because of the pheromone trail that they leave. This is why you always see a constant stream of ants, and never just one. 

Here are some tips to prevent ants infesting your home and garden. 
• Eliminate moisture and water sources in your garden;
• Store firewood away from your home; 
• Seal your plumbing and fix any leaks around your home; 
• Clean your kitchen and pick up any dropped food outdoors; 
• Cut trees and plants back, away from your home. 
Bees And Wasps
Stinging insects are in abundance at this time of year. Not only are they annoying when they keep buzzing around your head, but their sting is particularly nasty. It can even be deadly if you have an allergy to them. 

Here are some tips to prevent stinging insects from coming near your property. 
• Check your guttering regularly for nests;
• Seal cracks and crevices around your home; 
• Trim your grass and vegetation regularly; 
• Cover your food and drink when outdoors; 
• Keep windows and doors closed when you know stinging insects are around. 
Warmer weather pests are no fun to have at all. If you have a persistent problem with pests in your London home or business, contact our professional team of experts here at Catch It Pest Control. With some great prevention techniques you can keep your home pest free all summer long.