Did you ever have a small pet when you were younger, like a hamster or guinea pig? Do you remember them building their nests to keep cosy and warm? A mouse nest is very similar to the look of any other small mammal nest. They use scrap materials that they forage for to provide a nest for the females to have their young in.
Mouse nests usually consist of materials like paper, cloth, cardboard and wood. If they can get their paws on soft fabrics like mattress or pillow stuffing, that’s even better. Having a mouse nest in your home is a clear sign of an infestation. You will need help with its removal and urgent mice extermination, which you can talk to us about any time of the day, 24/7.
Another characteristic of what a mouse nest looks like is what’s around it. Mouse droppings and urine will be around the nest as the mice come and go. Not stopping a mouse infestation in a timely manner will result in a very serious infestation that gets out of control very quickly. It’s highly recommended that you get rid of a mouse nest as soon as you find it.
If you’ve seen signs of mice around your home, you may want to go and look for the nest. Mice want somewhere warm, sheltered and dark to build their nest. Look in places around your home that are cluttered, such as your loft, kitchen cabinets and inside the walls, for any signs of a mouse nest.
Knowing what a mouse nest looks like will help you to deal with any pest control problem you may have. Mice nests will be smaller than a rats nest, and are most likely to be hidden away. If you’ve found a nest on your property, take a look around your home to check for any other signs like mouse or rat droppings.
Remember to give us a call as soon as you discover a mouse nest on your property.