There are so many attractions in your home for spiders. Here at Catch-it, we are frequently asked why spiders are attracted into your homes, whether they like light or dark and what causes spider infestations. 
So what will bring spiders into your home? Spiders are just like any other pest. They want food and shelter. Many spiders may want to come into your home because there is a lot of food available for them. Spiders eat insects by catching them in their webs and then ambush them. This is what makes them excellent pest controllers because they can catch all of the more irritating pests around your home.
Check out our list of what attracts spiders in the house. 
• Food – Their choice of food makes them great pest controllers to have in the house. They feed on the UK’s most common insects like flies and earwigs.
• Warmth – Spiders like warm places, especially when it’s cold during the winter and they need to seek shelter.
• Water – Some spiders don’t actually even need water. Those that do will prefer to drink the water from your sink or bath taps.
• Privacy – You won’t commonly see spiders in highly visible sports. They like to hide in corners, crevices and dark, private spaces around your home.
• Rubbish – When you have clutter and rubbish lying around your home, it will attract pests that spiders will want to eat. Hence attracting the spiders.
• Fruit – Some fruits attract spiders. In fact, many people have found spiders inside their fruit when going to eat it.
The main thing that will attract spiders is having the insects in your house that they want to eat. It is very rare that spiders in the UK will harm humans, and they can act as great natural pest control if you have a few spiders around your home.
If you have a problem with spiders in your London home, you should call us today to talk through spider control solutions. A few spiders in your home is inevitable, but if they become out of control you need to seek a solution to have them removed from your home.