Having pests in our homes is an unfortunate fact that many of us have to live with, no matter how clean we are. You’ve probably heard a lot of facts about foxes and cockroaches, but a pest that often gets overlooked is the moth. Moth extermination is something that you should educate yourself on so that you are able to deal with these pests if they do make their way into your home. Despite their docile look and similarity of some of them to butterflies, there are many problems associated with moths, so don’t underestimate these pests!
Carpet moths are some of the worst in terms of damage. They attack your carpets with a vengeance (hence the name), but they will also stray into your wardrobe as well, so don’t be fooled by the name either. Once they get into your home, carpet moth control becomes very difficult. A female moth can lay over 200 eggs in her lifespan, and each female baby can do the same. Remember that these are aggressive little pests that will get into everything in your home.
Even with frequent cleaning, moths can still find themselves attracted to your home. They love natural fibres, and since most carpets, soft furnishings and clothing are made with them, human houses are like a magnet to them. Did you know that you can “inherit” carpet moths from previous owners of a flat or home?  Make sure you look for signs of moth inhabitation before you move in, and even look into moth fumigation for older homes before moving in. 
Additionally, remember that just because you have got rid of a moth infestation successfully (congratulations), that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever come back. They are the same as every other pest in this way. Make sure you use moth killer in your drawers, cupboards and storage areas to help deter them and get rid of the eggs as they are laid. 

If in doubt and you are worried about these aggressive pests, contact a local pest control company. They can come out and take a look about your home to see the extent of the infestation and the type of damage caused by living with unwanted moths that are destroying your belongings, and driving you crazy in the process of trying to keep on top of them. The general rule of thumb is to keep a clean and organised home in which you clean the nooks and crannies regularly.