Unfortunately, in most parts of the world, moths can cause problems for years on end, no matter how many things we try. The problem with moths is that they simply find optimal living conditions in our homes, mainly because of things like soft furnishings and textiles, as well as the central heating we all enjoy. Because of all year warmth indoors, they are living longer and repopulating prolifically, causing no end of rouble for those who are trying to save their clothing.
Case moths are a common kind of moth that can live for up to 7 years in your home, making them some of the worst enemies out there. They are unique from other kinds of moths because the caterpillars will build a white case around themselves (hence the name) as their chomping on your carpet and clothing, which protect them from detection or harm from predators, and give them an easy way to hide in your home. Anyone seeing one might just think it’s a stray grain of rice or piece of lint, and not give it a second thought.
These small moths are dark brown with a thin body when hatched into adult moths, at only around half a centimetre long. The adults easily hide as well, slipping behind picture frames and in the crevice of skirting boards, waiting until dusk when they come out to look for a mate. 
In terms of defence, everyone is in agreement that prevention is the best method of attack. It means that you have to be really diligent in cleaning your home and getting every last nook and cranny with a vacuum cleaner. However, case bearing moths breed quickly, and cause all sorts of problems for homeowners, even if they are diligent with their pest control methods and keep the house clean. Other than that, professional pest control is the only way to get rid of an infestation. 
Case moths are nasty creatures with a frustrating taste for cotton and wool, and you should make sure you call in a professional at the first signs of moth holes or larvae. This will help keep you in control of these persistent pests.