Woodworm can become a major problem if it is left untreated. A good pest control company will recognise the different types of woodworm, and offer targeted treatments to sort the problem out as efficiently as they can. 

If you don’t get specialist help with woodworm control, the larvae can seriously weaken the timbers of a building. The adult beetles will lay their eggs in the cracks of the wood, potentially infesting every wooden object in your home. They will then burrow deep into the wood where they will feed, and make a maze of tunnels. The holes that they make will be visible, and you may notice more dust deposits around your home. 
Small wooden items such as cupboards, chairs and tables can be treated without the help of a professional company. There are a lot of DIY woodworm products on the market that are really effective for small problems. 
For larger infestations, you need the help of a professional pest control company. These companies will carry out a thorough inspection of your property, to assess the extent of the problem, and the type of woodworm that is involved. They will also determine if you have an active infestation, and check for any problems that are associated with woodworm, such as rot or damp. Any timbers that need replacing will be pointed out too. Based on the detailed inspection, your pest controllers will recommend the most appropriate treatment to suit your problem.
There are two main types of treatments against woodworm. The first are water based treatments, which is great if you want the least exposure to your family and pets. The other treatment is fogging, which is normally used for flooring. In most cases you won’t need to remove your furniture before this treatment is administered. 
You will then be covered by a long term guarantee, which is useful evidence of the treatment if you want to sell the property in the future. For more advice on woodworm, talk to your local pest control company.