Have you just had the nasty surprise of realising there are some unwelcome guests in your home? The first thing we have to say is don’t panic!

Pests are more common than you might think, particularly in and around large cities. As well as being distressed, you might also be anxious about risks posed to your family and those that live with you. That’s why it’s crucial to get the problem sorted by professionals as soon as possible. 
We offer emergency pest control in London so that you can count on a fast and effective extermination. We even have a 24 hour emergency helpline – 0208 787 5929  – and we are able to carry out emergency pest control in London at any time of day or night. We can be with you in just an hour!
We have an experienced and professional team that can handle any type of pest problem, big or small, and we offer an extremely thorough service that will give you complete peace of mind.
Here are some of the most common problems we deal with as emergency pest control:
Many people are frightened of rats and mice – but that’s not the only problem. These rodents come up from the sewers and often carry disease. When they get into your home, it means they can spread that disease, potentially posing a health risk to you and your family. Rats in particular are becoming a more common problem in cities and they are a common reason for emergency pest control in London. We use the best techniques and treatments to ensure they are got rid of as quickly as possible.
·Bed bugs
When you get bitten by bedbugs, you won’t want to go to sleep again until you know they are exterminated. That’s why we offer emergency pest control in London that can deal with this issue effectively.
Discovering cockroaches – perhaps in your kitchen or basement – is never a nice thing to experience. The worst thing about these creatures is the rate at which they breed. You never see a lone cockroach – at least not for long. If cockroaches aren’t dealt with by professionals like Catch-It Pest Control, the problem can quickly become out of control. 
We also offer emergency pest control in London for all kinds of other pests. Just get in touch to find out more.