Finding a pest problem in your home is not ideal, no matter what the circumstances. If you have future plans of putting your house on the market, it can be devastating. No homeowner will purchase a home with an infestation, and there’s no way of hiding it from potential buyers. The best course of action to take is to treat the problem immediately, then do everything you can to make sure the problem doesn’t return. Unfortunately with some pest infestation, you could decrease the value of your home for these reasons. 

The Pest Problem Report 
When you know you have a pest control problem, you have to disclose that information to any future buyers, no matter how long ago the problem occurred. You will have to give all the information about the pest control problem, and what treatment occurred in what areas of the house. It is a legal obligation that you inform people of this, which can give buyers a bargaining chip when it comes to the final sales price of your home. 
Non-Transferable Treatment Warranties 
Many pest control companies will offer you a guarantee that your home will remain pest free in the future. This typically involves repeat inspections, and any signs of the pests returning will be treated immediately. When you sign up for this guarantee, always check that you can transfer it to any new owners of your home. Knowing that they’re covered can encourage the buyers to consider your property. 
Damage to the Structure 
If you had a large infestation, it could have caused extensive damage to your property. This, of course, affects the value of your home. Structural damage is a big no-no to potential buyers, so make sure your property is checked over by the pest control experts when they treat your problem. 
Having an Older Home 
Older houses are more at risk from pests, as they are able to enter them through cracks and holes in the wall. Buyers may be more wary of older homes, with pest control being one of the reasons. 
Repeat Infestations
Pest control problems do tend to reoccur if maintenance falls by the wayside, and one that has occurred multiple times it is a turn off to buyers. 
As you can see, pests are no good when it comes to the resale value of your home, and should be dealt with immediately.