If you are a homeowner, you know the frustration of opening your window to let some fresh air in, only to find that you have let in half the local ecosystem’s worth of insects. If you are looking for a way to enjoy the crisp morning air and keep the pests outside, consider fly screens. These are excellent inventions that will allow you to keep your windows open at all times without coming across the problem of having to deal with insects all over your home. Sometimes flies become an infestation, in which case you definitely need the help of an expert fly pest control company, but for the occasional warm weather buzzing visitor, fly screens work well. Here is some information you need to know about fly screens.
They are custom fit
You want to make sure you don’t give up the elegant look of your home simply for the sake of flies, right? ┬áNor do you want to be stuck with screens that don’t work properly because they aren’t a great fit. Fly screen companies understand these things, which is why they offer custom fit screens, and will come in and install them so that you have a perfect fit every time.
With measuring equipment and a supplier, you can do it yourself
If you are a DIY person, you will be happy to know that with the right supplier and instructions, you can simply pick up the equipment from a fly screen company and install them yourself. It’s a great way to get hands on with the project.
You can get solar screens or regular
In terms of customisation, you can look at getting your average screens, or you can look at solar screens, which are quickly becoming a trend. Regular screens do block out the tiniest bit of light, but if you want a kind of mesh that will help with the rays of the sun, solar screens will do just that, giving you a more comfortable feel.
Choose your colour and finish
You can choose the colour of your screen as well as the frame that goes with it, so you never have to give up your style for practical pest-free comfort!  Definitely a good aspect of fly screens.
Whether you’ve had fly screens in your home before or not, they are definitely worth looking into to make sure you can have your windows open all season long without having to deal with pesky insects and flies making their way into your home.