In the UK, rat pest control agencies exist to tackle two types of rats that can be seen in urban areas.While one is more common than the other, both the types have the ability to make your life tough!

Types of rats

Brown rats and black rats are the two species of rats found in the UK. The former is the more common species and is easy to find. However,it is quite hard to locate a member of the latter, although not impossible.

Brown rats

Most UK residents who search the internet trying find out how to get rid of a rat do so due to dealing with a brown rat. These rats can be found in almost every part of the country. Adult brown rats can have a maximum length of 40 cm and weight of 500 g. Compared to the rest of the body, the tail of brown rats tends to be shorter. They have a nose that is somewhat blunt and small ears. This species is the species that lives In UK sewers. Although brown rats are omnivorous, they have a special love for cereals. An adult can be expected to consume about 30 g of food per day, and 60 ml of liquid. A brown rat can have up to 6 litters per year, with 8 young produced per litter. These rats can become sexually mature within only 10 weeks after birth, triggering the need for a rat exterminator within a short space of time if left unattended.

Black rats

Having a body of about 20 cm in length, black rats flaunt a tail that is bigger than the rest of their body. As far as weight goes, an adult black rat can be expected to grow to weight around 150 g to 200 g. With their slender body, large ears and pointed nose, black rats look quite different from their brown counterparts. Agility is one of the biggest strengths of these rats, allowing them to climb easily. It is rare to see these rats outdoors or burrowing. They love moist fruits, and consume about 15 ml of liquid and 15 g of food every day. Having 3 to 6 litters per year, an adult black rat can give birth to 5 to 10 young each time. Notably, a newborn requires 12 to 16 weeks to attain sexual maturity. Also, as these rats are found almost exclusively in docks and ports, it is rare for anyone to need rat catching professionals to deal with black rats.

Whether black or brown, rats can prove to be a nuisance.Fortunately, a number of different humane rat control services are available throughout the UK.