Living in a house where the presence of unwanted lodgers,like rats, mice or squirrels is evident, is not for the faint hearted. Rodents may seem cute, but only as long as you view them from a distance, and do not have to deal with them first hand.

Why do rodents get inside your house?

Rodents may get inside your house due to a whole range of different reasons. As far as rats and mice go, their primary motivation behind choosing a location tends to be close proximity to food. That means, if lodging in your house gives them easy access to food in some way, they may decide to not leave. If you find that you have squirrels in the loft, or squirrels in the attic, chances are they may resolve to stay there due to weather conditions, too. If it is too cold or hot outside, rodents may decide to play it safe and make your abode their primary residence.

What kind of damage do they cause?

It would have been absolutely wonderful if rodents maintained peace and quiet during their stay in your house. Unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen. Rats in the house, or mice for that matter, can cause many problems for you, including leaving droppings everywhere, eating your food, and damaging electrical wires and other such things with the help of their teeth. Squirrels tend to be quite expert at chewing through things, too. Also, they are pretty good at making a lot of noise, making it nearly impossible for you to sleep peacefully at night.

How to get rid of them?

When there are rats present in your house, chances are that you have thought to yourself many times: ‘How do I get rid of rats myself without calling anyone out?’ That is well and good If you spot one or two culprits, and it may be possible for you to take things in your own hands. You can try sealing every hole you can find to prevent rats and mice from entering, set traps in the spots where the rodents frequent the most,and employ other similar tactics. However, if the infestation seems to be out of hand, make sure that you call a good professional firm. Rat, squirrel and even mouse pest control are a serious issue, so you need to treat it that way.

Rodent lodgers are not one of the biggest problems on earth.However, if you do not give it the attention it deserves in good time, it can soon start to become one.