When you own a business, you spend a lot of your time making sure the inner workings of that company work the way it should. It would be a shame to let all of your and your staff’s hard work go to waste because of a pest control issue.
The type of businesses that need to have a pest control contract in place are food premises, storage facilities or soft furnishing stores. All of these businesses can be seriously impacted by a pest infestation. This is why councils and local authorities always recommend businesses are covered by a pest control contract.
Any business can really benefit from having a pest control contract. If you have a building that has refuse near it, is near a local water source or a waste ground, it can become very susceptible to pests. These properties all can benefit from preventative measures put in place when you invest in a pest control contract.
If you want to invest in a pest control contract, you have to make sure the company you select have the right skills and expertise to meet your needs. It’s worth asking how the company trains their technicians, and what kind of pests they specialise in. Here at Catch-it, all of our technicians are trained in dealing with a wide range of pests. We deal with all types of pests on a daily basis here in central London. Catch-it is a reputable pest control company that can offer your business a contract to keep it safe from pests.
In general, a pest control contract will cover the immediate treatment of pests and the follow-up visits afterwards to check for signs of re-infestation. These inspections make sure that your business has all of the right knowledge on pests. This includes how you should train your staff in pest prevention, warning signs of infestations and ways you can keep your business pest free.
Not taking care of pest control issues and not addressing any infestation problems can result in your business being closed. It may even leave you exposed to further legal action, which results in hefty fines and even more loss of money. For more information on our pest contracts, give us a call today.