If you do a lot of travelling, you may soon become susceptible to a bed bug problem. Hotels and motels are a bed bugs favourite hangout. They’re wonderful hitchhikers, and would love to travel home with you. 
Bed bugs cause severe itching and bites, and it’s costly to exterminate them. They can also cause anxiety and lack of sleep. With our easy tips, you can cut your chances of running into bed bugs when you’re travelling.
• Go straight to the bathroom. Before you head for the balcony or the minibar, give the room a thorough inspection. And until you’ve done that, put all of your luggage in the bathroom. This is where you will least likely find a bed bug, so it’s less likely they will jump onto your luggage in there.
• Inspect the bed. Pull back the linens and check all the way around and under the mattress. Also check behind the headboard. You should be looking for blood stains or small black dots. It’s possible to find bed bugs hiding in the corners of mattresses or in the seams of bedding.
• Check the room. Broaden your search to the area around the bed. Check behind picture frames, under the telephone and even in books. Most bed bugs are within 15 feet of the bed, so some may be further away than just in between the sheets.
• Keep luggage off the grounds – Never put your suitcases on the floor or on the bed. This leaves you open to bringing home an unwanted souvenir. Utilise luggage racks and dressers.
• Move to a different room. Any evidence of bed bugs should be your sign to move to a different room. Hotel staff should be more than willing to oblige. Your new room should be at least two floors away from your original room, because bed bugs can spread through the wallboards and electrical sockets.
• Read online reviews. You can find everything on the internet these days. And if there has been a bed bug problem at a hotel, you can be sure someone will have written about it online. There are also useful sites like the Bed Bug Registry where you can search if your hotel has had a recent bed bug control problem.
When you get home from your travels, you should wash all of your clothing in hot water. Bed bug control involves high heat treatments. So if you did come home with any bed bugs, they will be killed instantly in the wash.