When you are travelling, the only thing you want to bring home is souvenirs and great memories. The last thing you want to bring home with you is bed bugs. 
Here are some travel tips on how you can spot bed bugs, and stop them from coming home with you in your luggage. Preventing bed bugs in the first place is a lot easier than getting rid of them. 
1. Spot bed bugs in your room – As soon as you arrive in your room, give it a could look over. Look for bugs that are flat, a reddish brown colour and that look a bit like apple seeds. You can also look for signs of an infestation, like a sweet musty odour or spots of faecal matter on the furniture. 
2. Spot bed bugs in your luggage – Bed bugs travel around by hitchhiking on your bags. They can hide in the seams of your luggage as well as inside your clothes. If your bag comes into contact with someone else’s who has bed bugs, they will bag hop. Make sure to inspect your luggage, looking for the same signs as above. 
3. Check out some reviews – Before you book to stay somewhere, check the reviews of the place to see if there has been a problem with bed bugs. Use other peoples experiences to make sure you don’t encounter bed bugs on your travels. 
4. Prevent bed bugs from getting on your luggage – Keep all of your belongings away from the bed, furniture and walls of the hotel. Also, try not to leave them on the floor. This is where the luggage rack comes in handy.  
5. Stop the bed bugs from getting into your house – When you return home, unpack in your garage for safety. Keep your bags outside until you are sure no bed bugs have travelled home with you. 
6. Use your dryer – Place all of your clothes in the dryer when you get home. Dry them on a high setting for 15 minutes to successful kill any bed bugs and their eggs. 
Using these tips will help you avoid getting bed bugs while travelling. It will also significantly reduce your risk of being bitten or transporting bed bugs back to your home. For more advice on bed bug prevention, get in touch with us today.