If you have a four-legged friend,then unfortunately finding ways to get rid of fleas comes with the territory.Fleas are a nuisance not just for your pets, but for you too. They can bite humans and the problem can multiply quickly as they breed fast, laying hundreds of eggs every day. They don’t just live on your pets either. They can hide in cracks and crevices, and lay eggs in your carpets and mattresses.

If you’ve ever needed to get rid of fleas, you probably already know that over-the-counter treatments sold in supermarkets are a waste of money. Any fix they provide is very temporary and the problem quickly returns with a vengeance. The best thing to do when you need to get rid of fleas is to call in pest control London experts like us.

There are also steps you can take to prevent fleas becoming a problem in the first place. Here are a few of the tips we share with our clients:

1.  Invest in top quality flea treatments. It’s worth going to your local vet for prescription-strength flea tablets or spot-on solutions which are much more effective and long-lasting than cheap, readily-available versions. Your cat or dog will thank you for it!

2.  Vacuum regularly. Staying on top of your vacuum cleaning will stop fleas laying eggs in your carpets. Ensure you remember to hoover nooks and crannies such as next to skirting boards. Ideally,you should vacuum every day so that fleas don’t have a chance to settle in. 

3.  Wash your pet’s bedding. If your cat or dog has a favourite blanket or fabric bed, it’s a good idea to wash it regularly on a high heat to kill any fleas or eggs that might be hiding in it.

If you’d like expert advice on how to get rid of fleas, we’d be happy to help. Just get in touch.