When you live in or near a city, especially London, pests come with the territory. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from infestations of unwelcome visitors. There are a number of steps you can take to prevent pest control problems occurring and as experts in pest control London, we thought we’d share a few ideas…
1.Keep things clean
Good housekeeping is your first line of defence against pests, particularly rodents and cockroaches. Pests are attracted by food and debris and failing to keep your home clean and clutter-free can mean pests are more likely to choose your property to call their home. 
2.Block up holes
Rats have an amazing tendency find a seemingly impossible route into homes – but they are far more likely to pay you a visit if you have holes or cracks in your external walls (perhaps behind kitchen cupboards) that they can come in and out of as they please. It’s important to check for any holes that pests could use and to block them up properly with cement. If in doubt, our pest control London can help. Just let us know. 
This follows on from the point about good housekeeping – but deserves it’s own mention. Vacuuming is a fantastic way to keep certain pests at bay. Fleas can lay eggs in your carpets and bed bugs can feed on the dead skin in your bed. Hoover your floors and mattress regularly to ensure you stay pest-free.
4.Store food securely
If you leave food out in the open – even if it’s pet food – you are asking for trouble. As experts in pest control London, we recommend storing foods like cereal and biscuits in plastic containers – even if they are kept in a cupboard. Be mindful of the fact that rats can easily chew through paper bags and plastic wrappers, and take the necessary steps to make sure no food is on offer. 
5.Fix that leaky tap!
Certain pests, such as cockroaches, like damp conditions and leaky plumbing can mean they have everything they need to thrive. Check pipes and taps for leaks and repair them straight away.
Following these steps should keep you free from any problems, but if you do need pest control London, just get in touch. We’re fast, effective and affordable.