Every day, there are loads of weird and wonderful questions that people ask. So as a UK pest control company, we decided to put together a list of some of the stranger ones we’ve heard about.
1. Why do flies dodge so well? We’ve all swatted frantically at flies. And it turns out they are masters of aerodynamics and wing control. They can precisely control their wings so they can change directions almost instantly if they see a threat.
2. Why do mice eat electrical wires? Mice are well known for being destructive, and they chew on wires because they love to chew on things and the toughness of the wires casing is the perfect tooth sharpener.
3. How do mosquitoes survive the winter? When winter sets in, mosquitoes are very similar to other insects in the fact that they hibernate. Others may lay their eggs in freezing water before they die.
4.How do cockroaches turn upside down? Dead cockroaches are often seen on their backs. This is because they need strength to keep their legs up and hold their body weight. So when they die, their legs collapse and they tip over.
5. Did scarab beetles really eat people? We’ve all seen the Mummy. But no, this type of ancient beetle did not eat flesh, although they were carnivores.
6. Do rodents really like cheese? Rodents will eat anything, which includes cheese. So they’ll eat it if it’s there, but they’d rather not have it because it gives them indigestion.
7. Are bees really going extinct? This is a hot topic. There are strong arguments for both sides of this issues, and it’s best to do your research to find out which side you stand on. There was at one point a real outcry for the bees, but because we’ve taken more action against them dying out, we’re slowly helping the population to rise again.
8. Are silverfish harmful to pets? Finding silverfish in the bathroom is never pleasant. But they won’t pose any risks to your pets, so it’s your belongings that are more in danger from this pest.
9. Can some squirrels fly? Yes, some squirrel species can fly. Well, they can glide from tree to tree. They have a sort of wingsuit built into their fur that enables them to do this.
10. Can fleas live on humans? The majority of flea species don’t live on humans. They bite us and feed on our blood for nourishment, but they would rather live on our furry friends than on us.