Mice are dangerous, sneaky, determined and may be riddled with diseases. You definitely don’t want them anywhere in your London home or business. To prevent mice infesting your property, you should use mice control methods at all times and hire us to exterminate any infestations. 

Here are 10 common places you might find mice nesting around your home and garden. 
1. In the loft – Attic spaces are usually very isolated and sheltered, so they make the perfect home for rodents. Mice are brilliant at climbing, and will squeeze through the tiniest holes in the walls to get into the loft.  
2. Inside the walls – Hearing scratching noises from inside your walls is a pretty sure sign there is a mouse problem. They will also defecate and die inside the walls, causing a horrible smell. 
3. In your shed – The garden shed is a big attraction for mice. Wood is easily chewed through, and there’s often lots of food for them to find inside. This is why it’s such a great nesting place for mice. 
4. In the kitchen – Mice scavenge for food to survive, to the kitchen is a perfect place for them to try and build a nest. Behind the oven and fridge is sheltered enough for them to feel protected, and they will always have food and water available. 
5. In the garage – Garages are easy for a mouse to sneak into, and perfect for them to nest inside. The result of mice in your garage could be chewed wires, which is a huge fire risk. 
6. In your car – If you don’t use your car very often, mice can get into the engine and nest inside. They will use the seats to build their nests, and completely destroy the engine. 
7. In your furniture – Given the opportunity, mice will gnaw through your upholstery and soft furnishings and make a cosy little nest inside. 
8. In the drains – Mice want a readily available source of water, so a drain gives them that safety and water they need to survive. They can then leave the nest to scavenge for food. 
9. Inside cupboards – If a cupboard is not used regularly, a mouse can start to build a nest inside and be protected. 
10. Within clutter – When you have a lot of clutter in your home or garden, it provides a lot of different places mice can hide or nest without the risk of being disturbed.