Some of the worst pests in the humid months of the year are flies. This is because they are loud, persistent, dirty, and as soon as you swat at one, there are four more in its place. Annoying, right?  Here are some great tips to help you keep the flies out of your home so you will be able to enjoy your summer in peace.
• Flypaper strips
These have been around for years, and are used all over the world as a cheap and fast way to get rid of those horrid, buzzing flies. Simply put them in your doorways, over windows, in your kitchen (wherever you think they will be most effective) and before too long the flies will be stuck to it. You can dispose of it easily, and can make it at home, or buy it in shops.
• Water bags
This is simple, easy, and fast to do. Take a clear, plastic bag and fill it with water. Tie it shut, and then put it outside your doorways and windows to keep flies away. The bag of water confused them, making them unable to see an entrance to your home clearly, and they will fly away disorientated. Additionally, there is some evidence to suggest that the water bag looks the same as a spider web to them, meaning they want nothing to do with it.
• Dispose of rubbish
This is a simple solution that is good for anyone who wants to keep all pests out. Flies love the smell of rotting rubbish (yuck!), so keep it tightly secured and outside of your house to make sure that the flies have no reason to come into your home in the first place. They aren’t interested in you, anyway, just your stuff.
• Peppermint oil/plants
Pests of all kinds hate peppermint, so plant some in window boxes or around your doorways. Oils work, too. This will keep them away from your home and will give your house a fresh, crisp smell. Fantastic!
These tips should help you get rid of flies in your home once and for all. Use any or all of these tips and see the difference for yourself. Before you know it, that buzzing around the window pane will be gone, and you’ll be fly-free, and won’t have to share that sweet summer drink or piece of water melon you’re enjoying.