As experts in pest control in London, we have insider knowledge of the best pest control products.
We often visit a home or commercial property to carry out pest control and are asked for advise on ensuring pests are kept at bay long term. Of course, having a reliable, affordable pest control company like us is essential but there are also products you can use to ensure you never face the horror of an infestation again.
However, buying products to keep pests at bay can be expensive and frustrating if the items you buy aren’t effective – so to save you time, money and stress, we’ve put together a hand list of three of the best pest control products…
·Ultrasonic repellents

These work by sending out ultrasonic sound waves that deter creatures including rats, mice, squirrels, pigeons and even cats. The sound is not detectable by humans and results can usually be noticed within a day or two. Ultrasonic repellents are a popular methods of humane pest control.

Using traps is another humane, poison-free ways to get rids of rats, squirrels and other small animals. You can generally buy cages or snap traps ready assembled and they are a tried-and-tested method for effectively capturing pests. 
·Bait boxes

If you do opt for a poison-based method of getting rid of rats, sturdy bait boxes can be a good way of doing so as they contain the poison within one area (reducing the risk to other animals that aren’t pests and children). 
If you have a pest problem we recommend calling in the professionals. Attempting a DIY approach can turn out to be more costly – and certainly more frustrating – in the long run. 
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