Pests and pest infestations are the worst. They can cause significant property damage, cause physical harm or transmit diseases. Our list below shows you the pests we consider to be the worst of the worst – and the ones we love to hate the most! 
1. Bed bugs 
The thought of being bitten by a bed bug when you’re sleeping is enough to make your skin itch. Over the last few years, bed bug populations have consistently risen and many of us have experienced a full-blown bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, they are incredibly elusive creatures, and they can hide anywhere. This makes DIY pest control treatments nearly impossible, so you have to be vigilant to avoid a bed bug problem. 
2. Cockroaches
Cockroaches are easily hated. They possess a certain ick-factor that we despise, and they can also pose a health risk to us. Roaches can spread bacteria and germs, then transfer them to food prep areas. They can also cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma attacks. The best way to prevent cockroaches is to eliminate moisture sites around your home. 
3. House flies
These are undoubtedly one of the most annoying pests. They find their way into our homes through open windows and doors, and will buzz around our homes for days. House flies are also know to contaminate food products and surfaces, as they can spread more than 100 different kinds of germs. You should keep the house as clean as possible, and always take out the rubbish to avoid a house fly problem. 
4. Lice 
Lice aren’t considered a health threat, but are a source of unease amongst families. They can easily spread from one person to another, and outbreaks are very common in schools. Lice are easily treatable with shampoos and combs found at your chemists. 
5. Mosquitoes
Their bite can leave red, itchy welts on your skin, and can potentially lead to fatal diseases (although not generally in this country). Mosquitoes are easily prevented with bug spray and insect repellent if you are spending time outdoors, and try to protect your skin as much as possible to avoid being bitten or stung by other insects. 
When in doubt always call a pest control company to help sort out pest problems and pest infestations to protect you, your family and your home in the London area.