If you’ve heard that clutter will increase your problems with pests and infestations of various kinds of pests, then you certainly heard right. This is very much the truth, and it is something to think about if you are looking at keeping your home pest free. Here are the main reasons why clutter is so detrimental when it comes to unwanted guests.

Dust, dirt and fibres make the basis of nests for many of the kind of pests that move into your home, so if you have a lot of clutter, that dirt doesn’t get cleaned as much as it should, leading to problems with pests. 
Clutter can also mean that you probably miss some food scraps when you are cleaning your kitchen or dining room, which act as food sources. This is a huge problem, and clutter in those rooms really does trap those food particles, attracting pests of all kinds. You will best protect your home from pests of all kinds simply by eradicating the reasons they come into your home in the first place.
Clutter gives places for pests to hide, too, so they will be able to find a long term home in your house or property much to your distaste. So, you really need to make sure to focus on de-cluttering your home regularly, and also make sure you are not allowing the dirt to build up.
Another reason dealing with clutter in your home is imperative, is simply because it can be hard to spot repairs that need to be done in certain areas of the home, leading to no end of pest trouble. By keeping your property up to date when it comes to repairs, you won’t give pests a way to get in.
Everyone hates cleaning and organizing, but it is vitally important if you are looking to make your home free from pests of all shapes and sizes.