If you live in London or have been there to visit the famous landmarks, you will know how many pigeons litter the streets. You can’t go anywhere in our capital city without seeing a feral London pigeon. They can cause chaos for home and business owners by making a mess of the inside and outside of your property. 
With all the ruckus that feral pigeons cause in London, they have caught quite a bad rap. In fact, in 2000 the seed sellers in Trafalgar Square were banned to help discourage pigeons. But there was some pigeon-loving animal activists who fought against this, and snuck food in to the square so the birds would continue to receive food.
This is just one of the many battles people fight with pigeons in London on a daily basis. Some people argue that the feral pigeon population in London is too large, whilst others argue that you should be able feed the pigeons around London because that’s what has been done for hundreds of years. 
Even today, London is still battling the problem with feral pigeons. Pest control methods such as hawks being released over the parks to scare the pigeons are being used. For many this would seem cruel, whilst for others it’s more a case of good riddance. But no matter how many pest control methods are used, London will never be feral pigeon free because of the food they will always be able to find somewhere. 
Now just because you have to put up with seeing feral pigeons around London, it doesn’t mean you have to endure a pigeon control problem in your home or business. Having pigeons nesting in your loft space or roof will turn into a nightmare of a corrosive and smelly nature. Pigeons carry diseases too, which can be transmitted to you, your family and your pets. 
When you have a pigeon control problem, your best option will be to call a humane pigeon control pest controller. You don’t want them to destroy your property, but remember that pigeons have been a London trademark for many years. They even served our country in two world wars, and are a huge part of London’s heritage. So if you do have a pigeon control problem, show them some love by looking for a pest controller who will take care of the issue ethically and humanely.