Rat or any other sort of rodent infestation on your property is a big concern because of the diseases they carry. That’s why it’s so important to know how much of a threat a rat bite can be. If you have a rat control problem in your London home, you will be more exposed to the chances of suffering from a rat bite.
Just one bite from a rat is incredibly dangerous. That one bite could transmit several different kinds of disease. Make sure you have a solid rat prevention routine in your home to minimise the chances of anyone in your family suffering from a rat bite.
Dangers And Symptoms Of Being Bitten By A Rat
Rats are incredibly fast! If you’re going to be bitten, it’s going to happen quickly. If you or someone you know has been bitten by a rat, it’s important that you seek medical attention immediately. Rat bite can transmit Weil’s disease for example.
There are a lot of dangers and symptoms that come along with a rat bite. Immediately after the bite, the area will be sore and red. This can then be followed by a rash, and then later on could be joined by a fever. A fever is the most worrying danger of rat bites, because this may mean they have transmitted something to you, or the wound itself has become infected.
The biggest health danger of a rat bite is rat bite fever. This is mainly transmitted from rats through bites and their urine. Having direct contact with a rat in this way can leave you infected and very ill for a long time.
It is so important to not risk getting bitten by a rat, because it’s so dangerous. Call the professional pest exterminators here at Catch-it if you’re having a rat control problem in your property.