Depending on your personality, you’ll probably find that some pests are worse than others in terms of your dislike of them. Some have a special hatred for rats, others pigeons, other people can’t abide creepy crawlies. One pest that we can all agree on, however, is the cockroach. They are grim, and gross most people out. But while we all hate them and run away with a shriek when we see one, you have to admit they’ve got some pretty cool character traits. Read on to find out just how cool they are…
Roaches can hold their breath for a really long time
While you may not want to know this fact, cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes at a time. Yes, that’s a terrifying fact, especially if you’re looking to use water as a means of quick cockroach pest control, but it’s the truth. So, dumping them in a bucket of water isn’t going to do the trick, unfortunately.
Roaches have existed since before the dinosaurs
Definitely intriguing (and frustrating when it comes to pest control), is the true fact that cockroaches have been around since before dinosaurs roamed the earth. This means they are long lasting and almost impossible to kill. Not the best news you want to hear, right?  The thing to remember is that roaches have natural predators in the wild, so it’s not as if they are all coming to your house with no one to stop them.
Roaches can travel up to 3 miles an hour
Roaches are fast moving little pests, skittering around at up to 3 miles an hour. This is why they always seem so creepily fast and they always get away when we chase them with a broom. Talk about a fast get away, right?  Keep that in mind next time you think you’ve cornered them!
After reading this, you’re probably thinking more than ever about how to get rid of cockroaches. You should always keep your food well sealed and your home clean. Also, make sure you’ve checked inside and outside the house to make sure that any holes or crevices are properly sealed so that cockroaches can’t wander in easily. Make it hard for them to get in and maybe they’ll leave you alone!  Cockroaches may be stubborn, but if they can’t get into your home, they’ll move on to your neighbour’s home instead. 
If they do happen to have made themselves at home in your house, then calling professional pest control will quite possibly be the only way to get rid of these super indestructible pests for good.