Bee and Wasp Removal London


The temperature is rising and the sun is out which must mean summer has finally arrived! There’s not much better than a barbeque or a picnic in the garden when the weather is good. The downside is that the heat can mean bees and wasps become a problem. The odd one or two can be swatted away but as experts in pest control London, the summer is when we deal with lots of infestations of wasps or bees.
They can build nests in walls and trees and, before you know it, there are hundreds of bees or wasps swarming your garden. It’s important to remember that these creatures aren’t just a nuisance – their stings can also be painful and even dangerous. Trying to get rid of bees or get rid of wasps on your own is a bad (and even dangerous) idea. The best thing you can do is bring in pest control London experts like Catch-it Pest Control.
Our friendly team has years of experience at exterminating bees and wasps in an efficient and safe way and we pride ourselves on offering our pest control in London at affordable prices. Our bee control and wasp control service include a thorough investigation of the area to establish exactly where the insects are coming from in order to carry out complete and thorough extermination. Bees and wasps are often mistaken for each other because they are so similar in appearance but it is important for us to correctly identify them as different methods are used to get rid of bees compared with those to get rid of wasps.
We won’t ask you to try to identify the species yourself – we don’t want to risk you getting stung! So don’t let wasps or bees spoil your fun this summer. Let us help you with our professional pest control London service – just get in touch to find out more or for a free quote.