It’s almost Spring! It’s time to head outdoors again and have some fun. We can go outside, recharge our batteries and feel that sense of adventure that only nice weather can bring. 
For pests, it’s the same. They want to explore places too, such as your home or your business. 
Here are some tips on keeping insects from making your home part of their journey this Spring. 
• Ants – They are such a nuisance! Nothing ruins a good picnic quicker than a hoard of ants crawling all over your food. Ants will forage aggressively for food in the warmer months, and will happily move into your home to continue their search. Once they find the food, they will spoil it and spread harmful bacteria around your property. If your home is infested with fire ants, they can even sting you and your pets. Cleaning up any spills will stop ants being attracted into your home. Seal up the cracks around your property, and eliminate water sources from outside your home to stop the ants invading. 
• Flies – Flies spread a lot of bacteria! They will eat anything and everything that is filthy, then land on your kitchen counter or dining table. Keeping your home clean is a great way to keep flies away. Put all of your rubbish in sealed bins outside, and any leftover food should be kept in sealed containers too. Keeping your drains clean too will stop flies from being attracted towards your home. 
• Stinging insects – The temperatures rising, so insects such as wasps will be looking for a place to build their nest. They are also very attracted to food, so keep any outdoor food covered and sealed, and clean up spills immediately. It may also be time to think about cleaning out those gutters, as the leaves built up in there over the winter make a perfect place to call home. 
If any of these bugs are bugging you this Spring, give Catch It a call. It’s particularly important if you find an insect nest that you call in the professionals to handle it, and not to remove it yourself. This is highly dangerous unless you absolutely know what you’re doing.